Guitar Pricing (February 2016):

Optional Woods and Finishes:

Body Wood:  One piece Swamp Ash (add $60), or Black Walnut (add $100).   Two piece Korina, or Zebrawood (add $100).  Other woods available upon request.
Neck Wood:  African Mahogany (add $30), Quarter sawn Korina (add $90). Quater sawn Maple (add $70). Pau Ferro (add $80). Flame Maple/Premium Flame Maple (add $50/80).  Other woods available upon request.
Fingerboard:  Birdseye Maple/Premium Birdseye Maple (add $20/40), Premium Ebony (add $30), Pau Ferro (add $30).  Other woods available upon request.
- Compound radius; 10-12, 10-14, 10-16, 12-16 inches (add $25).
- Real Clay (white or aged), abalone, or white pearl side dots (add $5).
- Real Clay (white or aged) fingerboard dots (add $30).
- Abalone or white pearl fingerboard dots (add $25).
- Stainless Steel frets (add $40).
Optional Body Finish:  Custom transparent, candy, and bursts (add $50).
Optional Neck Finish: Light, medium, or dark amber tint (add $25).
Optional Hardware Finish (tuners, bridge, knobs, screws, strap buttons):  Black and Nickel (add $50), Gold, Ruthenium, and Vintage Copper (add $100).

Pickguard Assembly Options: 

The total cost of the assembly included with each guitar is based on the particular pickups and pickup finish.  Please contact CF for more detailed pricing information.
Type A pickguard assemblies are included in the cost of the basic guitar.  Many of our favorite humbuckers and single coil pickups fall into the Type A price class.  Examples include, Seymour Duncan (Phat Cats, Custom Custom, JB, 59, Jazz), Rio Grande (Stelly, Muy Grande, Vintage Tallboy, Halfbreed), DiMarzio (Super Distortion, PAF Pro). 

Additional prewired pickguard assemblies can be purchased separately:  To obtain a price quote contact CF with your choice of pickups, pickguard material, and hardware finish.

The Basic Guitar Features:

Body Wood:  Two piece Swamp Ash or single piece African Mahogany with choice of solid colors, clear satin or gloss nitro finish.
Neck Wood: CF2
TM style Rock Maple with choice of solid colors, clear satin, or gloss nitro finish. 
Choice of profile; Thin-C (0.79-0.89), Med-C (0.83-0.92), Fat-C (1.0-1.0), Thin-D (0.75-0.81), Fat-D (0.9-1.0), 59LP (0.87-0.9), Chunky-U (0.9-0.9), Boat-V (0.95-0.95), Clapton-V (0.84-0.9).  NOTE: Profile in inches measured at (1st fret - 12th fret).
Fingerboard:  Rock Maple or Indian Rosewood (imitation clay, white or black phenolic side and top dot markers, or none) with choice of radius; 9.5, 10, 12, 16 inches.
- Choice of nickel-silver alloy frets; Vintage (0.080x0.043), Med (0.095x0.047), Med-Jumbo (0.104x0.047), Jumbo (0.110x0.055).
- All Chrome hardware including Schaller M-6 mini tuners, Schaller 3D6 fully adjustable bridge, strap buttons, and output jack.
- Type A pickguard assembly with choice of pickups, pickguard material, knob style, switch colors.
- Gator Guitar Case.

The Basic Guitar Price:   $1885.00
Price does not include any shipping or handling costs and sales tax (PA residents only).

How to purchase a CF custom guitar
All orders should be placed over the phone at 610-982-9622 (M-F 9am-6pm EST).  A detailed Sales Quote including guitar specifications and price breakdown will then be provided to the customer.  Receipt of a non-refundable deposit for 50% of the total cost will indicate that we are both in agreement as to the guitar configuration and pricing and also to the terms and conditions of the transaction.  Payment is accepted via PayPal only.  Work will begin after receipt of the initial deposit and will take approximately 4-6 months to complete.  The remaining balance will be paid before the instrument ships.  This balance is normally refundable if the customer is not completely satisfied with the instrument (Sales Quote will contain detailed terms and condition of sale and return info).