Calaveras Fretworks Custom Guitar Press and Endorsements:

Cool pics of the season - the legendary George Lynch visiting our booth and shredding up a new TV yellow mahogany build at the Jersey Shore Guitar Show in Atlantic City.  How cool is that?  

“I have been playing for 30+ years and like most guitarists have owned many instruments along the way. I first saw the Calaveras guitars at the Brookdale show and was genuinely surprised by the unique design and their playability. I was literally able to audition different combinations of body, neck and pickups to find what best suited my playing style and also the breadth of tone I need for studio work. The two Calaveras guitars that I now own allow me to create anything from a bright rhythm guitar to rich solo sounds with seemingly endless sustain. This coupled with the superb build quality and extensive knowledge and support from Butch himself made the decision process a straight forward one. I've since sold my Les Paul, my G&L and my Tele!”

Paul M. - NJ - 2014

“This guitar was a dream to play -- everything about her screamed American rock and blues. Just strumming her acoustically I could hear and feel her body reverberation and sustain… The only way to properly explain this guitar is what I call "new vintage". Now that does not mean that she plays like a 1960 Fender, but this guitar falls into a category that I believe will be the new vintage standard in 30 years from now. This is an excellent example of a modern guitar made from a mixture of traditional and non-traditional parts that was put together by a man using witchcraft (better known as math), giving the guitarist (that's you) an experience you will remember while delivering a quality instrument that you can play and love for years.”

Review by Jac Harrison on 10/22/13.

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"Butch at Calaveras Fretworks does not build “wall art” custom guitars, these are guitars for players. They are a unique blend of innovation and traditional ideas. My V to C transitional shaped neck is a joy to play. The setup and overall attention to detail is impressive. The tone from my guitar is beautiful when played clean, big and fat when driving the amp, with massive growl and sustain when played dirty. One of my best buys to date – twice the quality of the big custom shop guitars for half the cost."

Ted S. - NY - 2013

What do other people have to say!

"The pickups, which're hard-wired into traditional axes, are specially attached to pickguards (available in a rainbow of standard, metallic, and pearl finishes), which slide into a special channel on the double-cutaway'd body, allowing you to go from squealing blues-style single coils to growling, metal-appropriate humbuckers just by tinkering with a few screws and one plug….”

“Where else are you going to get a custom American-made axe for less than the price of a car?”

from Philadelphia Thrillist published on 4/22/11

“I am a beginning guitar player but I have known Butch for many years and I was anxious to get my own CF custom guitar.  I brought it in to my workplace to show it off to some of my more experienced co-workers and even though they were all excited by the workmanship and tone of my black walnut guitar they were even more amazed at the price!!”

Dave L. – TX - 2012

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Thanks - Butch

 “I was recommended to CF guitars through a good friend of mine who owns one. CF guitars ‎are built with every last detail in mind. Woods and finish are customized and paired perfectly to the right pickups to match your style of play. User friendly circuitry allows you to switch out pickups whenever you want to change your sound or style. I have a mahogany body and maple neck with a gloss finish that is impeccable. Great craftsmanship, great look, comfortable to play, and sounds just great.”

John D. – NJ – 2014

"Calaveras Fretworks Custom Guitars has some awesome product that blow me away!   I love the way they think!"

Jamie Roche - Team Leader at Guitar Heads - Facebook - August 2014

Local Music Gear Review: Calaveras Rust swamp ash guitar with quarter-sawn korina neck and cocobolo fingerboard.

“These are some of the best sounding and playing guitars available. Some have a "V" neck. If you have never played a neck like that you should try it out.”

Anthony G. – Allstar Music Empire – Facebook, Fall – 2013