Prewired Pickguard Assemblies:

You can choose from a variety of pearloid, shell, or solid pickguard colors and materials for your guitar.  For pickups that come with old style wiring the standard configuration uses a three position toggle switch (neck, combo, bridge), one volume and one tone pot. 

All guitars with single coil pickups use a RWRP neck pickup to take advantage of noise cancelling in the combo position.  A push-pull volume pot is used to activate a phasing mode in the combo position.

For humbucker pickups that come with 4 conductor wiring the standard configuration also includes a push-pull volume pot that is used to activate a coil tapping mode.  This adds single coil operation to the neck and bridge toggle positions.

Guitars with three single coil pickups also include a two position mini-switch which is used to select between the neck or middle pickups.  The three position toggle then becomes either Neck-Combo-Bridge or Middle-Combo-Bridge depending on the mini-switch selection.  RWRP neck and middle pickups are used to take advantage of noise cancelling in these combo positions.  A push-pull volume pot is also added to activate a phasing mode in these combo positions.