Guitar Building:

The guitar bodies are all built by hand at CFCG from carefully selected tonewoods.  All of our necks are designed by us and built by Musikraft.  We cut our own head stock and nut and hand fit it to the body to meet tight specifications.  The biggest difference between us and all other guitar manufacturers is that we use interchangeable electronics to optimize the tone of each and every guitar that we build.

Guitar players have known all along that any particular set of woods can really "ring" when driven by the "right" set of pickups.  Even woods of the same species are different and have different resonant characteristics.  You can hear it and we can also measure it.  Our idea was to design a guitar that takes this into account and allows the builder to easily interchange pickups in order to maximize the tone for each and every particular set of woods.  We do not use a "standard" set of pickups for any given set of woods.   We design each instrument with the unique response of the woods and pickups in mind right up front.  Then we decide on the finish and other appointments to make them look cool as hell.  Check out our YouTube video to learn more about the process!