Welcome to the Calaveras Fretworks Custom Guitar Website

Sale Notice:  Because all of the pre-built guitars shown on this website are being sold AS CONFIGURED they are being offered at significantly discounted prices.  Call for price and availability 610-982-9622 or info@calaverasfretworks.com

Calaveras Fretworks is a builder of completely unique custom guitars featuring our UBRTM (Universal Body Rout) design and easily interchangeable pickups and electronics.  Our customers can choose from a variety of exotic tonewoods, wood and hardware finishes, and pickups for their instrument.  The guitar pickups and all electronics are mounted on an easy-to-remove prewired pickguard assembly which connects to the guitar body using a simple power plug.  This makes changing the guitar electronics as simple as removing the pickguard screws and swapping out one pickguard assembly for another.  Now you can change the sound of your guitar every time you change your strings! 


Our idea is simple - you choose the tonewoods for your sound, you choose the playability features of the instrument (neck wood and profile, fingerboard wood and radius, fret size and material), you choose the look and finish of the guitar, and then you can choose as many different pre-wired pickguard assemblies as you would like to further expand the sound of the basic guitar.  The combinations are virtually limitless!

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